This innovative version of UV dryers includes management of lamps by high efficiency electronic power supply combined with automatic detection of pieces and control of fan speed. Using this new technology enables considerable energy savings during processing, and offers the possibility for further energy savings by automatically stand-by down to 25 % lamps during "dead times" of the production.
U.V. dryer are available in several models with 1, 2, 3 or more UV lamps (upper and lower).

Mod. FRN/1/ES with 1 UV lamp
Useful width: mm 1300
overall length: mm 2500
Installed power: Kw 19 max.


Mod. FRN/3/ES with 3 UV lamps
Useful width: mm 1300
Overall length: mm 3000
Installed power: Kw 55 max.

Main features:

  • Possibility to install UV mercury or gallium lamps
  • PLC for electronical control
  • Electronical power regulation for every lamp from 30 to 120 w/cm
  • Memergency system (in case line stops)
  • Transport is composed by loosen rolls assembled on parallel chains + motorized rolls in entrance and in exit

It is possible to install a cooling unit in exit.

Dryer mod. FRN/4/ES ros parquet

With 4 upper UV lamps (1 gallium + 3 silver)
Useful width: 450 mm
Overall length: 5000 mm

Dryer mod. FRN/4T for edges and surface of the panel

With 4 UV lamps
1st lower silver lamp
2nd upper gallium lamp
3rd-4th upper silver lamps (20° tilted)
Useful width: 1300 mm
Overall length: 4500 mm

Hot air jet + IR lamps dryer

Dryer mod. FRN/AC/IR for solvent basis stains

Mixed dryer hot air + 9 IR lamps
Overall length: from 3000 to 6000 mm

Dryer mod. FRN/ACP/IR for water basis and solvent basis stains

Hot air jet (with heat exchanger) + 3 IR lamps
Overall length: from 5000 to 10000 mm