Roller coaters for stains

Roller coaters are suitable for application of water and solvent basis stains on panels with flat surfaces.

Main features:

  • PLC for electronic control.
  • Separate motorization of rolls. Single speed regulation by means of inverters.
  • Rolls speeds automatic synchronization for cleaning.
  • Upper rolls up and down movement are motorized, with emergency device.
  • Special reduces + joints for perfect application (without cuts).
  • The machine can be extracted from the line on rails.
  • Reinforced machine frame.
Feeding speed 8-25 m/min
Working plane level 910 +/- 20 mm
Useful width 1300 mm
Conveyor belt width 1300 mm
Rolls width 1460 mm
Overall dimensions 1100x2700x1500mm
Chrome-plated dosing roll Ø 175 mm Kw 0,75
Rubberized spreading roll Ø 250 mm Kw 1,5
Rubberized conveyor roll Ø 240 mm Kw 1,5
Up/down motor Kw 0,4
Installed power Kw 4,5

Roller coater for stains mod. TFT/3t equipped with 1 spreading rolls unit

For application on open grain woods, it is possible to install a BRUSHING-WIPING MACHINE equipped with 2 upper brushes (to be installed after roller coater).